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Founded in 2013, Umbrella Pine members Magdalena Abrego and Allison Burik “explore possibilities within improvisation and composition” with a unique instrumentation including guitar, saxophone, clarinet, vocals and electronics.

Their latest album, Seven, takes listeners on an experimental and unpredictable musical journey unique to any other.

Many tracks on the album have an almost haunting feeling to them, and this sound is propelled by Umbrella Pine’s unique instrumentation. An example of this can be seen in the song “Hanged Man.” The song opens with guitar, which gives the song a lonely and ominous vibe. The vocal elements that come in later contribute to this as well. It feels like a voice calling to the listener from beyond. The saxophone that solos over the guitar sounds mysterious and almost mournful.

The fact that Umbrella Pine only consists of two performers makes it easier for the listener to appreciate the intricate and impressive instrumental and vocal work that’s happening in Seven. Many of the tracks also feel like they’re telling unique story with their own standalone vibes executed by their instrumentation.

Seven album artwork.